partywarholIs my child too young for this? / Am I too old for this?

Our parties are fun for all ages! Some activities (i.e. spray paint and clay) are more suitable for older children, but we try to facilitate fun for all ages.

How much?

Kid Parties start at $350 for the first 10 guests.
Adult Parties start at $375 for the first 10 guests.

How many guests can I invite?

Base price includes up to 10 guests (including the guest of honor).
An additional fee of $15 for kid parties and $20 for adult parties is charged per each extra artist — up to 35 artists total. We also require an extra staff member for ages 4 and younger for an extra $45. Guests who are not participating in the activity are not required to pay. Our building can hold up to 90 people.

We do require an additional staff member for parties with 19 or more participants though. There is a $45 fee to account for the additional staff. If you anticipate your party will be much larger than what you are estimated on your party form, please give us a heads up! But we are flexible! We want everyone in on the fun!

Can we add people to the party last minute?

Absolutely! The more the merrier, right? Extra classmate? Best friends sisters? Grandma? Anyone can join in on the fun once you get here! If it is going to be an extra 10 people, we would definitely appreciate a heads up! But we are flexible! We want everyone in on the fun!

How long will the party be?

Parties run for 2 hours in total (or 3 hours for adult parties). First we get our art on, which lasts about 90 minutes – the remainder of the time can be used as you’d like for cake, snacks, or presents.

What do I wear?

DRESS FOR MESS!! We love to get messy and so will you! Although our paints are washable, some light and delicate fabrics will stain. Why chance it, right? Leave your fancy frocks at home and come ready to throw paint, pinch pots and get dirty! That means you too parents! You won’t want to miss out on the action!

What not to bring?

You can go ahead and leave hesitations, inhibitions, bad artitudes, gumballs, confetti and noise makers/horns at the door! Seriously though, we all love a gumball from time to time but we find them everywhere – from under tables to doorways! We ask that you bring other candies that aren’t quite so sticky!

We are ready to splatter! What kind of paint do you use?

We use non-toxic, washable tempera paint for our splatter parties. If you have any concerns regarding allergies or anything else about the paint, shoot us an email! We are happy to tell you more.

Tell me more about the Art Cart?

We provide each splatter party with a FULL cart of paint! There are awesome hand mixed colors on the top,  ketchup bottles on the second row and spray bottles!  If you and your party go extra crazy with the paint and would like a refill, we are happy to add an additional cart of paint for $85.  In our experience, only the most tortured artists will need more than the art cart included.

Is it customary to tip?

Yes! Gratuity is not included in the party package and is up to your discretion, of course! But if you have had an amazing party experience and wish to leave a tip, we happily divide the tip evenly between the staff members that served you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Things happen! We know, life can throw us some curve balls…

Deposits are non-refundable. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your party, we require 3 weeks notice. Parties cancelled within 3 weeks of the event will be charged the full amount of the party with the card we have on file.

Can I come in early to set up?

In order for us to prepare our studio space, we ask that you arrive NO MORE THAN FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES EARLY to set up your party.

Can we stay longer then our party time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you additional time once the party day has arrived. If you wish to book a longer party at the time of booking, let us know and we can try to work something out! An extra hour will cost an additional $150. Our party schedule fills quickly, often meaning we have another party coming in as you are leaving. Our staff only has a limited amount of time to reset our space before the next party arrives. This is why we encourage you to have the party wrapped up on the hour. We are more then happy to help you in any way that we can to tie up any loose ends!

Oh yes! And pizza??? Any good pizza near Smudge?!

Yes definitely! We love pizza! There is a Gattis Pizza right at the corner of 38th ½ St and Guadalupe – 512.459.2222.

Other studio favorites that also deliver are:

Salvation Pizza
624 W. 34TH ST, AUSTIN TX 

East Side Pies

Spartan Pizza

1007 East 6th Street, AUSTIN, TX


Do we take home our projects the day of the party?

Good question! It depends on your theme! If you choose to have a tape art, pop art or lumpy clay birthday party, party guests can take their artwork home with them that day! Our splatter and pinch pot parties do require more time though.
Splatter paintings will take 3-5 days to dry. Trust us, you will not want to take those wet paintings with you! We ask for an additional week to a week and a half for all clay projects to dry completely before we bake and assemble them! Don’t worry though! We will send you an email when everything is ready to be picked up. We also ask that the host of the party pick everything up at once so that it is easy for us to keep track of all the artwork.

What is resin and can I have my artwork resined?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Resin is a liquid, pourable plastic that will make the colors of your paintings more rich and deep. It also preserves the painting so there is no chipping or fading over time. It will last FOREVER! It is not limited to paintings, either! We can pretty much resin anything! Let us know if you have an idea!
But what does it cost?
10×10 – $35
12×12 – $45
20×20 – $65
30×30 – $85
Trust us when we say this is NOT an easy material to use. Not only is resin a pricey material, it is also quite toxic and can be tricky to get smooth and even. It is time consuming! Our resin charges cover the first layer. Occasionally bubbles and imperfections do pop up. If you wish for us to do another layer, we are happy to do so. Just let us know!

I have a gift card! When can I use it?

You have an awesome friend if you got a Smudge Studios gift card! If you want to apply it to a party, private lesson, workshop and of course retail, just shoot us an email and we will set up a date! Gift cards expire after one year though, so let’s get it going!